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Every menu is bespoke. We will customize our menus to suit you, and we are happy to mix and match items from our various menus.  If you don't see what you like, please ask.  We are happy to re-create favourite dishes you might have had on holiday in Mexico or the States.
We will always provide food options for:

  • vegetarians and vegans,
  • individuals with celiac disease and wheat or dairy intolerances,
  • the less adventurous  guests who prefer something milder.

On the day, guests select their favourite dishes from those you requested with which to top their nachos or fill their burritos that are individually rolled before them.

Also available are a selection of interesting fresh salads  and to finish we can provide fresh tropical fruit salads with 8-10 fruits.   A vibrant fruit salad for sweetness and to refresh the palette is all that is usually desired once guests have enjoyed a plate of nachos and a burrito or two from our unrestricted buffet.

If you like burritos but fancy an original filling, then try  one of our fusion dishes influenced by Native American cooking or southern barbecue such as buffalo chilli, southern pulled pork cooked ‘low and slow’, shredded beef, mojito chicken and barbecue beans.  

Sample Wedding Menu
These are our best selling dishes and those we are most commonly asked for. They include a selection of our Mexican, Native American and southern barbecue inspired burrito fillings.

 A warm flour tortilla filled with yellow rice, cheese, lettuce, Pico de Gallo salsa, and your choice of filling.  Sour cream, homemade green tomato chilli sauce and guacamole optional.

Buffalo Beef  Chilli (buffalo raised on the wild plains of Somerset!)
BBQ Chicken with our own dry rub spice mix and homemade bbq sauce
Vegetarian or Vegan Chilli  mildly spiced and with dark chocolate(v)
Sweet and Bean: roast buttery sweet potato and black beans (v)

Additional Option: Our own homemade pulled pork - £1 extra per person

crisp corn tortillas with your choice of dips.

    proper melted cheese or chilli con queso, a homemade, traditional cheese sauce.
    buffalo beef  chilli
    vegetarian or vegan chilli
    pico de gallo salsa
    sour cream
    green tomato chilli sauce
    jalapeno peppers
    a selection of proprietary chilli sauces for Flaming Lips

  our chillies are made entirely from scratch with beans, fresh veggies, dark chocolate and our own spice mix. Topped with sour cream and Pico de Gallo salsa.

    Buffalo Beef Chilli with yellow rice
    Vegetarian or Vegan Chilli with yellow rice


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